Thread Started By Me Last Year And Finished Now - Times Have Changed

Hello, How is everybody doing?!  

My name is Mohammad Sabil and I live in London, UK. 

I'm 22 Years old and am originally an Indian. 
NOTE# I'm not gonna take much of your time. Also, please don't mind my English, I'm not a native writer.

My Story

Last Year.

I finally have enough courage to post an introduction thread.

last year around this time of the year I dropped out of my University course, I was in my 2nd year studying computer science at Royal Holloway London.

At that time of the year, I was introduced to self-help books by my brother. I was always refusing to read anything because my English literature has always been weak.

First Book:

The First-Ever book I read.

I was struggling like any other student in University burdened with assignments and practicals work. Unfortunately, I was under the influence of a drug called CBD vaping Juice(It basically calms you down and relaxes your anxiety). More on that later... 

So the first-ever book I've ever read was "How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie".

Learning and growing from mistakes:

Gave up so many times.

I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I didn't know what field I wanted to go in. 

At the moment I was still living with my parents and searching for easy money making method and fast money-making strategies such as the stock market and cold calling/emailing.

I started reading the book and all I wanted to do was to finish the book as soon as possible and tell friends/family that I read this book. 

My perspective was always thinking about others and make others happy.

I gave up because my reading speed was slow, English is not my native language and I didn't understand the book very well.

Growing up:

Found out about audible.

I stopped reading the book and got a copy of the book in an app called audible. this app reads the books for you.

listened to "How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie". 3 times and finally started to understand the book. Then went back to paperback and started reading physical books.

If possible I will attach a screenshot of the books I have read in my audible account.

Not so perfect time 

Business fails.

I was reading, listening and gathering knowledge from everywhere to figure out a purpose. 

I wasn't applying what I was reading, because of this tiny reason I was as MJ DeMarco says "action faking".

Started a  few businesses but failed miserably. Every single damn time!

Not Finished Yet!

One year Later: 
After a year gap from uni, I started selling in Amazon and eBay which went good and I was making enough income to manage my self and be able to I've without my parent's support.

I was still reading/listening to books while learning a bit of marketing, sales, networking, writing. I learned skills that were mostly required to start a business.

As I had dealt with computers for almost all my life. I already knew how to develop websites, SEO and Promote, etc...

Come out of your stinky room! Everyday!


I started networking with people and started practicing the material I learned from books in real life.

Always putting my self out there and started to come out of my comfort zone as well as getting more confident in dealing with people.

Current income 02/08/2019:

£560p/m  Managing eBay and amazon business, looking to hire a virtual assistant to give me more time.

£500p/m Working for a friends website(Managing whole customer service from product to delivery/ customer)

£0 p/m Director of started a photography service company)
£600p/m Works at, managing facebook/google/Instagram ads)
Instagram: sabancystudio


Books I Recommend: Top 10

Any Questions please post them below!